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Metal, a passion for life...

Passionate about luxury materials, curved lines, innovative design, and perpetually seeking new challenges, Thomas Lesueur, Compagnon du Tour de France, and Nicolas Singery, graduate of the Ecole Boulle, put all their know-how in the service of the most demanding of clients.
Atelier S&L Prestige, created in 2012 in Biot, the land of their birth, and then setting up three years later in Vallauris, in premises measuring over 1000 m2. This workshop is also an expression of their ambition, their demanding nature, love of design and excellence.
Each project is imagined, considered, drafted, fashioned, worked and designed to measure. Proud of perpetuating the old traditions and wanting to follow new trends, Thomas and Nicolas refine the material; redefine art metalwork to fulfil the craziest of projects. From Paris to New York, from a private client to luxury brands, there are no small projects, just great creations.

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