Atelier SL Prestige


Artistic ironwork

Ironwork, discover the world of the companions of Ateliers S&L Prestige.

Our expertise in artistic ironwork is part of a global and multi-material approach. Our creations include decorative inserts, gilding, stones, staff, mirrors and carpentry work.

The design office takes into account your lighting and automation constraints in perfect coordination with the various trades.

We work closely with a network of renowned architects, designers and partners.

Each of our creations in artistic ironwork is a unique piece that meets your aesthetic and quality requirements.

Our job, the art of working with metal between tradition and modernity

Each metal has its own history and specificities. Each way of working it offers different rendering and therefore infinite possibilities.

Iron, steel, stainless steel or brass, metal meets the requirements of a line, a curve, a drawing.

Forging, heating, hammering, stretching, stamping, modelling, bending, twisting, river, welding, these are the verbs and the everyday language of ironwork since the dawn of time.

At Ateliers S&L Prestige, our companions are constantly concerned with detail, finishing, elegance and precision.

Classic or contemporary, artistic ironwork sublimates the material. It is a touch, a feeling, the expression of a sensuality, a soul...

For all your artistic ironwork, we work on the French Riviera, Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Saint-Tropez, Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, Monaco and also in Paris and the Paris region.